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Sheet Metal Fabrication Quote Requirements

To help you receive the most accurate quotes and products, please provide the following list of items along with your RFQ. While not all are absolutely necessary, the more information you can provide, the better results we can provide to you.


If possible please provide the following:


  1. Fully dimensioned and annotated prints (part dimensions, material specifications, hardware callouts, tolerance, etc...) If you do not have full prints, send what you have and let us take a look.

  2. CAD files are always helpful.

  3. The quantity required.

  4. The time frame in which you need the parts.

  5. The time frame in which you need the quote.

  6. Any finishing requirements (are the parts plated, powder coated, silkscreened, highly cosmetic, grained, etc...)

  7. Info about your company (name, location, website, etc...)

  8. What QC requirements your parts may have (C of C, First Articles, material or plating certs, etc...).

  9. Any special shipping requirements and shipping address.

  10. Information regarding the scope of your project (is it in pre-production, is it an established repeating order, is it a one time project, etc...)

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