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Press-in Hardware Holes

The single most common issue we see with customer-supplied CAD models is the wrong size press-in-hardware holes. As the industry moves more and more toward the CAD being king (instead, or along with, the print), hardware hole size mismatches can cause rework and delayed production, which no one wants. Fortunately, there is an easy solution.

The major suppliers of press-in style hardware, such as Penn Engineering (PEM hardware), Southco, TR Fastenings, McMaster Carr, etc... make it easy to find the correct hole size to use. Most of the time you can find this information right on their websites.

As an example, visit PEM Hardware. In the Part # Search box, type "CLS-832-2" and hit "Go." The site provides lots of information about this hardware including the required through hole size, which in this case is Ø0.213.

Image taken from Penn Engineering.

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